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Mediation is a procedure in which the parties discuss their disputes with the assistance of a trained, impartial third person who assists them in reaching a settlement.  Cases suitable for mediation are those involving issues in divorce, custody, paternity, domestic relations, commercial transactions, personal injury, construction, workers compensation, labor or community relations, and employment.

The ability to fashion user-friendly resolutions to a dispute is an attractive component of mediation which enables parties to solve their problem in workable terms to achieve a "win-win" solution.  This often promotes healing where one party feels tremendously aggrieved and allows the parties to continue their business, employment or personal relationship. In many cases the parties strengthen their relationship for greater workplace efficiency and healthier family dynamics.   And the cost of mediation is less than the average cost in time and money for the litigation of a dispute.

If mediation would benefit your legal situation the certified attorneys at Miller, Burry, and Brown can put their skills and experience to work for you.